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The price for the “Dreadnought: Invasion Six” Amazon eBook is US$2.99! A great deal for a full graphic novel. The pagrs were reconfigured for the Kindle so no need to shrink/expand or move side to side! Even if you don’t have a Kindle, you can download a Kindle Reader app for Android and Apple, so you are good to go!



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Cross Posting – Mostly Doctor Who

I am insane. I have my travel site at StarkRavingNomad.com. I have this site. I have the AllYourBaseLOL.com site. And of course, the official production company site at talcMedia.com. How can I possibly keep everything updated?! Not to mention the Facebook pages and Twitter feeds…

Anyway, I was in the UK in February 2013 recording VOs (Voice Overs) for Dreadnought: Invasion Six. It was a fun filled week from the US to London to Nottingham to Lincoln back to Nottingham to London to the US. If you want to read the whole story of my “Doctor Who” adventure, please visit my travel blog (with more pictures) click on the pic or click on the link below:

Recording six (mostly Doctor Who) actors/actresses in one week
(l to r) Katy Manning, Colin Baker, Nicola Bryant, Terry Molloy, Paris Jefferson, Lizzie Roper

Photos by Nick Acott nickacott.com – the official stills photographer for “Dreadnought: Invasion Six” di6movie.com in the UK. Please do not copy or re-distribute without permission. Copyright talcMedia Productions, Inc.

The “Dreadnought: Invasion Six” UK cast:
Nicola Bryant (Peri Brown in Doctor Who) is the voice of Lord Doctor Elli Morsto.
Katy Manning (Jo Grant in Doctor Who) is the voice of Doctor Cassi Sharda.
Colin Baker (Doctor Who #6 in Doctor Who) is the voice of Sub Commander Ulrik Skye.
Terry Molly (Davros of the Daleks in Doctor Who) is the voice of [shhhh! secret!].
Paris Jefferson (Goddess Athena in Xena) is the voice of Second Line Eva Dansk.
Lizzie Roper (Top Dog in Dead Boss) is the voice of Second Line Senna Criton.

“All Your Base” trumps “Dreadnought: Invasion Six”… for first Kickstarter project! What Happen!?

Yeah, brand new quick production allyourbaselol.com.

“What happen?” Read on:

Any artists out there? Forward it, if not! I decided to do the All Your Base mock trailer first, Starring Cliff Simon (Ba’al, Stargate SG1), Claudia Christian (Commander Ivanova, Babylon 5), Colin Baker (Doctor Who #6, Doctor Who), Lizzie Roper (Doctor Who, BBC audio series) and Terry Molloy (Davros, Doctor Who). Sign up and submit here: odesk.com/jobs/~01b1a72361fb7c5ad1

Whoa, whoa – you say. As you know, or may not know, I recorded the actors for “Dreadnought: Invasion Six” for the feature length animation project. And…

Terry Molloy, Richard Roszko, Colin Baker

To warm up the actors, I used the this little known piece, hahaha =cough= “All Your Base Are Belong To Us”. It worked okay. Then, when I went to the UK, Colin Baker colinbakeronline.com (Doctor Who #6 in “Doctor Who”) really hammed it up. Now, he was in the sound booth with a sound proof door closed and the secondary door closed. Everyone in the control room laughed so loud you can here our chuckles in the background if you listen closely. (At dB Studios, Lincoln, UK db-studios.co.uk)

Terry Molloy and Colin Baker goofing around

Well cool. Terry Molloy terrymolloy.co.uk showed up and Colin and Terry had a great conversation. All of us in the studio were just enthralled. But hey, I was on the clock and had to catch a train from Lincoln back to London so I had to “kick out” Colin! It was funny. Totally cool. I of course just had to have Terry do CATS in Davros’s voice and it was amazing. (At dB Studios, Lincoln, UK db-studios.co.uk)

Lizzie Roper

But “All Your Base” was all for fun, until I was back in London and had Lizzie Roper lizzieroper.com kick in her part. WOW! Again, she was in a soundproof booth and again, two doors thick from the control room. Again, you can hear the crew laugh their socks off! (At The Sound Company, London, UK sound.co.uk)

Cliff Simon

That’s where I got insidious. I got called Cliff Simon cliffsimon.com back to record the part of the narrator. Well, not just “any” narrator… But you must wait for the release 🙂 (At: Dave & Dave Sound Studio, Burbank (Toluka Lake), CA everythingvo.com)

Claudia Christian

Of course I had Claudia Christian claudiachristian.net all locked up and good to go so I am using the snippets from that studio session. (At: Dave & Dave Sound Studio, Burbank (Toluka Lake), CA everythingvo.com) And a great thanks to Claudia, all of this fell into place through her!

Ha Ha Ha… Ha! So everyone, stay tuned here for the juicy kickstarter.com project with amazing promotional items! No, really, it will be cool…

KIA Motors Stole My Android! Kia HotBot is a splitting image of JNA027 “Jana”

[18-April-2013] Okay, so I saw this ad and something was bothering for a while. Then it hit me. KIA Motors Stole My Android Design!!! Kia HotBot is a splitting image of JNA027 “Jana”!!!

Now, okay, the android, JNA027 or “Jana” in “Dreadnought: Invasion Six” is a cartoon, but with special features, like glowing eyes, the nebulous je ne se qua cool female robot look and the distinctive straight-cut orange wig glued onto her shiny metallic head. Sure, some things can “look similar”, but this is a dead ringer copy. See for yourself…

Here is the cover of Issue #3 of the comic book series “Dreadnought: Invasion Six”. That’s JNA027 or “Jana” on the left side – just in case you weren’t sure… (lol)

KIA HotBot it pointing her finger into the air. Jana is pointing at the HotBot, “No, you are the fake bot, I am the real JNA027 Android, Manufacturing Series JN, Revision A, Serial Number 027.”

Watch JNA027 in battle. She knows what she’s doing. The Kia HotBot, not so much…

And of course JNA027 has the last word 🙂

Battlecruiser Orius – Initial Concept: 3D Model

[12-SEP-2012] Historical document, back from September 2012. Battlecruiser Orius – initial concept. In space, there is no gravity and we cannot, even theoretically, come up with anything that will “create” gravity in real spaceships (except constant acceleration and constant deceleration which is untenable); so, all of the ships in Dreadnought use micro gravity generated by rotation, something like rotation in the main cabin in the ship Discovery from 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Rotation is a good idea but why is only an internal part of the ship rotating? Prone to mechanical breakdown. Especially in battle… Therefore, ships in Dreadnought fly through space like a rifle bullet – the entire ship rotates like a corkscrew so there is no internal mechanical stress which can break. Of course when the ship has to turn in-any-direction-except-straight, it does cause a few upset stomachs…