A brand new trailer is currently in production. Stay tuned! Visit the Latest Updates page for more details! The animated feature film is currently in pre-production, starring:

Lead Roles
• Claudia Christian (Commander Ivannova in Baylon 5)
• Cliff Simon (Ba’al in Stargate SG1)

Supporting Cast
• Colin Baker (The 6th Doctor in Doctor Who)
• Robin Brooke (Stage: Singing in the Rain)
• Nicola Bryant (Peri in Doctor Who)
• Paris Jackson (Goddess Athena in Xena)
• Katy Manning (Jo Grant in Doctor Who)
• Terry Molloy (Davros in Doctor Who)
• Lizzie Roper (Doctor Who BBC Radio Series)
• Tadao Tomomatsu (Inspector Furuoka in Heroes)
• Musetta Vander (Ilainus in Xena)

Visit the Latest Updates page for pictures of the actors at the recording studios!