Dreadnought: Invasion Six is a science fiction adventure story set in the distant future.

Lord Commodore Ranor Broxton of the Space Battle Cruiser Orius and Lady Alianna Broxton of the Planet Pirene garrison are spearheading an exploration to Lagarto Nebula. They are looking forward to this assignment, as it is the first mission they will be on together since they were married.

Just before Ranor’s space fleet arrives, invaders strike and decimate Alianna’s remote base. Ranor is forced into a battle where his own weapons turn against him. Of the three ships, only Ranor’s ship survives the carnage. His ship damaged beyond repair, Ranor navigates his vessel to a desolate planet where he stumbles upon a secret base and he finds a way to rejoin the fight -a brand-new warship, the Dreadnought Hydrus. Then…

♦ Currently available as an Comic eBook at Amazon.com:
  ⋄ Read Act I free on the web: The Beginning
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♦ Coming soon as an animated feature film.

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