Cast and Crew




Claudia Christian

as Lord Marshall, The Lady Alianna Broxton

(Commander Ivanova, Babylon 5)

Cliff Simon

as Lord Commodore Ranor Broxton

(Ba’al, Stargate SG-1)


Colin Baker

as Sub-Commander Ulrik Skye

(Doctor Who #6, Doctor Who)

Nicola Bryant

as Lord Doctor Elli Morsto

(Peri, Doctor Who)

Robin Brook

as JNA027 or “Jana”, the ship’s AI

(Petit Spirou, Little Spirou)

Paris Jefferson

as Second Line Eva Dansk

(Goddess Athena, Xena)

Katie Manning

as Doctor Cassi Sharda

(Jo Grant, Doctor Who)

Terry Molloy

as Control

(Davros of the Daleks, Doctor Who)  

Lizzie Roper

as Second Line Senna Criton

(Doctor Who BBC Radio Series)

Tadao Tomomatsu

as Third Line Vom Rani

(Detective Furakowa, Heroes)

Musetta Vander

as Second Line Yelena Tursk

(Goddess Athena, Xena)