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Dreadnought: Invasion Six was published as a four-part comic book series and distributed by Diamond Comics Distributors. Then is was published online as a web comic book series. Now, it has been re-released as an electronic graphic novel on It can be purchased and downloaded onto the Kindle; or to a tablet or phone that has the Kindle app installed. It’s available free to Amazon Prime members! This electronic version includes an epilogue that was not released in the original series. Have fun!

Here is a free sample for you:

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Reviews of the Comic Books Series

Originally, Dreadnought: Invasion Six was published as a four-part comic book series and distributed by Diamond Comics Distributors, then a smashing web comic series, And now, it’s available an an electronic Graphic Novel on the Amazon Kindle and Android and Apple devices using the Amazon Kindle App, available here: Store. These are reviews of the original comic book series:

“…Dreadnought: Invasion Six is an amazing series with all the ingredients to become a hit on the big screen. If I can be captivated by the comics, I can just imagine the excitement this story will bring to the theater audience.”

David Lyons | Executive Producer
Lyons Entertainment

“This is the most ‘science fiction’ sci-fi comic I have read in a while. The technicality and detail to the physical science and military specs here are reminiscent or reading Phillip K. Dick, William Gibson or Tom Clancy…”

Eric Anderson

“Richard Roszko does a fine job of grabbing the reader by the back of the neck and steering them at breakneck speed through the story’s tumult and action. After the first six pages, take a deep breath because you won’t get another opportunity to reinflate until after page thirty-one, which is fine with me because that’s just how I like my military fiction.”

Jeff Marsick

“Prepare yourself for some fantastic space battles… The action happens fast, just like a real surprise-attack… This is a great new book that should be in the hands of many comic readers. The art by Guillermo Sanna is fantastic space art with well-done character faces. The colors by Maria Laura are simply extraordinary with what seems a painstaking approach towards perfection.”

Matt Butcher
Independent Propaganda

“Dreadnought: Invasion Six… a thickly constructed sci-fi environment waiting to unfold.”

Rachael Molino
Wizard Magazine | Wizard Edge Supplement